Central Foundaton Girls' School

Central Foundation Girls' School Sixth Form

CPD opportunities

At CFGS, we believe in investing in our teachers at all stages of their careers, providing the support and guidance they need to thrive. This comprehensive guide maps your professional journey, from Early Career Teacher (ECT) to Headship. Discover a wealth of opportunities designed to support your development, hone your skills, and empower you to become an exceptional teacher and leader within our school community.

Our students deserve access to the highest quality of teaching, knowing that this has the potential to dramatically influence their lives and open doors to experiences and opportunities. CFGS is a supportive school which offers an extensive CPD programme.  Staff are encouraged to be actively engaged in their own professional leaning and work toward expertise through refining their practice, collaborating with colleagues and connecting with research. 


The CPD offer includes:

  • A personalised approach through the CFGS pathway model 
  • Learning and Teaching workshops delivered through INSET Days and Twilights 
  • Training, collaboration and sharing of good practice through Faculty, Year Team and Staff Meetings 
  • Three Learning Walks a year with personalised feedback/discussion with a subject-specialist coach
  • Membership of an Enquiry Group
  • Access to specialist books in the staff library 
  • Extensive opportunities for professional collaboration though networks such as SSAT, Pixl, THEP and Hackney Education
  • Opportunity to attend external CPD and complete qualifications such as the NPQs
  • Induction Day for those joining the school at the start of the academic year, and sessions offered to those joining the school at different points
  • Extensive ITT Programme for ECTs