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At Central Foundation Girls School, the day doesn’t stop at 3.10pm. We want all of our students to have a passion for learning – particularly in their own time. Since 2009 we have been offering a programme of personalised learning opportunities called Central+



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Central+ is our programme of fun, focused learning activities that run before school, at lunchtimes, after school and in the holidays. We want our students to love learning and Central+ gives our students the opportunity to discover their passion and prepare for their future by offering a range of activities, courses and support that they can access in their own time.

Central+ provides enjoyable wider learning experiences outside the classroom designed to develop students’ cultural capital and give opportunities that they may not otherwise have access to.





The activities encourage a use of imagination and a willingness to take part and achieve in a variety of communities allowing personal relationships to be built, as well as enabling them to make informed decisions and inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves. 

Central+ promotes effective SMSC development by engaging with an average of 96% of students per in extra-curricular activities, student leadership and community volunteering.





All activities are developed, promoted and organised through our Central+ team consisting of students, 6th formers, teachers and support staff.

The Central+ team help design a programme of breakfast, lunch time, after school and holiday activities that is accessible to all that encourages socialising with young people from a range of religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Central+ helps students develop new skills, gain confidence and exposes them to a range of cultures outside of school through a variety of trips, journeys and activities.




Why Central+?

Research has shown that the benefit to students who regularly take part in extracurricular activities include: 

  • A greater sense of personal responsibility
  • An improved achievement and attainment across a range of curricular subjects
  • Are more likely to go to university and get a job
  • Are less likely to be disruptive at home and in school