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The intention of Drama at CFGS is to foster a keen interest, value and appreciation for live theatre as powerful tool for personal development; social commentary; and cultural expression.

The Drama curriculum at CFGS seeks to facilitate varied opportunities to create, produce, perform, view and evaluate live theatre work. Students develop skills in performance, design and evaluation through the exploration of devised and scripted work.

The curriculum covers a broad range of contemporary and historical styles; examining theatre within the context it was made. The intention is to provide a broad experience for students to connect theatre’s relationship with its intended audience. The programme of study moves students to an understanding of contemporary theatre as eclectic and influenced of all that has come before it, equipping students with the knowledge and critical faculties to make original theatre with a varied toolkit of skills and knowledge.

Embedded in the drama curriculum is a focus on personal development and transferrable skills. In today’s competitive job market employers are seeking attributes such as team work, communication, punctuality, creativity, problem-solving and the ability to cope under pressure. In Drama, we aim to develop these transferrable skills within a varied theatre-specific curriculum to provide the necessary experience for all students to successfully pursue educational and career pathways into the performing arts but also to provide all students with skills and experiences that will allow them to be successful and confident communicators, innovators and team players in whichever pathway they choose.

Enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities 

We offer our students a variety of opportunities to view live theatre including regular trips to the West-End and local theaters. We enjoy partnerships with local theatres Half Moon and The Yard whereby our students have access to heavily subsidized tickets, free workshops with resident artists and access to extra-curricular youth theatre groups offered within the theatres.

Within school we run clubs for each Key Stage and will stage showcases each term that all Drama students will have an opportunity to perform in. We look forward to welcoming back the buzz and excitement of a full school production in 2023.

Subject Overview and Curriculum Map

Subject Overview


Curriculum Map


To contact the Drama Department please email: Drama@central.towerhamlets.sch.uk.

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Ms R. Harrison Head of Drama
Mr C. Catherine Teacher of Drama / Assistant Head Teacher