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High Potential Learners

The Horizons Programme KS3

The KS3 Horizons Programme is a unique initiative designed to empower students on their journey to academic excellence and personal growth. Our KS3 programme is dedicated to nurturing students' knowledge, experiences, and aspirations, paving the way for students to excel at CFGS and beyond. Students selected for the programme will engage in a wide range of projects, workshops and trips; with many of these opportunities being offered out to the wider KS3 cohort.

Empowering Ambitions

Our ultimate goal is to inspire students to dream big and pursue their passions. The KS3 Horizons Programme equips them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to aim high and achieve their goals, whether that's excelling academically, pursuing a specific career, or making a positive impact on the world.

Academically Rigorous Projects

A key component of the Horizons Programme is academically challenging projects that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. Through these projects, students develop a deeper understanding of core subjects while honing essential skills such as commination, curiosity and independence.

Engaging Workshops

We offer a diverse range of workshops that foster creativity, innovation, and curiosity. These interactive sessions are designed to make learning enjoyable, and they provide students with practical skills and knowledge beyond the classroom.



Inspiring Trips

The Horizons Programme understands the value of experiential learning. Our carefully curated trips expose students to real-world applications of their studies. These trips not only enhance their knowledge but also broaden their horizons by introducing them to different industries and perspectives.

Tailored Coaching Sessions

Every student is unique, and we recognise that. That's why we provide one-on-one coaching sessions to address individual needs and aspirations. We work closely with students to set goals, track progress, and offer guidance tailored to each student's strengths and interests.








The Reach Programme KS4/KS5

At Central Foundation Girls’ School we believe that every learner should benefit from high-quality, inspiring, and innovative learning which challenges the boundaries of their potential.

We deliver ‘The Reach Programme’, an aspirational programme designed to enable students to deepen subject knowledge, develop critical thinking skills and support them in making links between subjects; fostering a passion for learning. This programme supports the schools vision to empower the most able students to transform their lives through outstanding educational experiences. All students can voluntarily sign up for different aspects of the programme, ensuring all learners can take advantage of a rich, demanding and rigorous provision of learning both in and out of the classroom.





Students meet with their mentor regularly for team talks to discuss progress both within lesson and externally, which is consistently tracked to support discussions. This is an opportunity for reflection, to celebrate successes, to analyse challenges and problem solve as a team. Students that are underachieving are identified and have more regular learning conversations to support them to excel.

Academic Enrichment

Students are able to attend a huge variety of internal masterclasses and external lectures. The master classes are varied, both extending academic learning beyond the classroom and showcasing a number of professions to raise student aspirations which students have expressed an interest in. Previous master classes have included ‘Life as a Doctor in the NHS’ and ‘An Introduction to Social Anthropology’.


To find out about upcoming events please check the Google Calendar which is regularly updated with events or check Show My Homework where all events are promoted. Students are also encouraged to attend extra-curricular activities to develop their skill set such as Debate Mate and Model UN. In addition, we support students in developing their academic writing through working with external providers such as ‘The Brilliant Club’.

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University Preparation

University visits are a great chance for students to see where they could be learning and living in the future. We run trips to highly selective Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge to give students an opportunity to research their options, to ask questions about the courses on offer and the university, to understand what the provision is like and to meet existing students. The Reach Programme supports Y11s in choosing their future pathway as well as providing dedicated support in Y12 and Y13 with UCAS applications, interview and admissions tests preparations to support students in making successful applications to highly selective universities. In addition we also try to ease the transition to university and run workshops to assist with this.


All students enrolled on the Reach Programme develop an online portfolio which evidences their achievements and reflections on learning episodes. This supports students in setting clear and achievable targets, making links between disciplines and encourages independent learning.

Parent Communication

We work in partnership with parents/ carers, actively seeking ways to involve them in their child’s education and provide opportunities for their child to excel in education. At CFGS teachers and parents are able to collaborate in supporting students to meet their potential. We deliver workshops and provide information, advice and guidance in supporting their high potential daughter in their learning. All master classes and external lectures are advertised on Show My Homework as well as the Google Calendar so that parents are able to stay up to date with the exciting events we have on offer. For further information and advice please take a read of the Parent Guidance Booklet attached.

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