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The CFGS Music curriculum is designed to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians. Students explore music from a vast range of historical periods, styles, and traditions and study an array of great composers and musicians. Throughout the course pupils will have the opportunity to explore music using a range of instruments, their voices, and music technology in order to perform, create and compose music on their own and with others. The music curriculum is focussed on maximising our students’ attainment through a focus on developing vocal/instrumental fluency, accuracy and expressiveness whilst providing pupils with the tools to listen and discuss music with discrimination and awareness to inform their practices as musicians

Enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities

CFGS offers a wide range of instrumental lesson opportunities for students which is delivered by our team of visiting peripatetic staff. Pupils are encouraged to apply for lessons in order to study the piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, drumkit, or steel pans. These lessons are subsidised by the School Governors and are proudly offered to students free of charge. Outside of the classroom pupils are invited to attend any of our lunchtime/afterschool clubs, including Keyboard club, Pop Band, and Choir.

Subject Overview and Curriculum Map

Subject Overview


Curriculum Map


To contact the Music Department please email: music@central.towerhamlets.sch.uk.

Alternatively, you can use our contact form.

Mr J. Woollard Head of Music
Ms J. Hunting Teacher of Music
Mr L. Smith Teacher of Music
Mr C. McIntosh Artist in Residence