Central Foundaton Girls' School

Central Foundation Girls' School Sixth Form


On Friday 25th November 35 CFGS Media students across years 11-13 attended an interactive day exploring SKY.


Students began the day with an audience with John Riley, Head of Sky News recapping his career and providing an overview of how 2022 has been the busiest year for hard news stories that have changed the UK and the world. John spoke about the development of news output during his career, how digital technology has revolutionised TV news and career and graduate opportunities via Sky Up. 


The Sky Up team then presented an interactive session on skills for certain job roles within Sky Production and as a result were asked to reflect on the activity and Identify their most suited role based on skills. 


We then progressed onto an audience with BAFTA winner Isaac Nartey who gave an informative session on his pathway and how his education and further studies shaped his career. He discussed the importance and passion of poetry and the knock backs that he received regarding pitches and ensuring that you never give up, which led to the creation of a spoken word tv show ‘Life and Rhymes’ through perseverance, collaboration and resilience. We also were fortunate enough to have an exclusive reading of ‘Perceptions’. 


During the lunch session students socialised with a plethora of Sky Teams to discuss careers, pathways and to critically discuss Sky content. They met a range of Sky Producers, Content creators, Sky news and Sports editors and journalists. They also got an opportunity to explore the apprentice and Graduate pathways on offer at SKY


In the afternoon students had practical sessions where they toured the studios, saw Sky Sports News being presented live and attended the Academy studios where they each recorded a 30 second segment against a green screen on the topic of community action. After this they received several conceptual ideas from Sky and had to pitch to the Dragons on their opinions as to whether the product should be green lighted and put into production.


More photos have been shared on our Instagram: cfgs_6