Central Foundaton Girls' School

Central Foundation Girls' School Sixth Form

LSELU Street Law Programme @ CFGS6

written by Nusaybah Nuha (Year 12)

20 inspiring law students took part in the extra curricular offer of LSELU Street Law Programme after school over three weeks. Throughout the programme,  students studies a variety of items such as a foundation to understanding jurisprudence in the UK, different types of statutory interpretations as well as explaining what studying Law at university could look like and the different paths you could take following your studies.  

The university students which delivered the sessions were very friendly and so even if after attending the sessions you had some questions that remain unanswered, they will try to answer them to the best of their abilities. This programme was a great way to gain an insight of Law in wider society and as a degree would look like. 

I highly recommend this programme for anyone who intends to study Law, but I especially recommend it for people who are unsure if Law is what they wish to do in the future. Personally, since I had no prior experience, I wasn’t confident in my decision to change my career path in that direction, however, the three weeks I spent with the LSELU programme helped me gain clarity and made me realise this is what I wanted to do with the next years in my life.