Central Foundaton Girls' School

Central Foundation Girls' School Sixth Form

Our Vision

At Central Foundation Girls' School, our vision is to create an inclusive and empowering environment where every student thrives. We transform lives through our unwavering commitment to high expectations and standards for all. Our passion for learning drives us to challenge and support each other, fostering excellence in every endeavour. We value and celebrate the achievements of all community members, recognising the unique contributions each person brings. By nurturing positivity, creativity, innovation, and inspiration, we aim to cultivate a vibrant community where every individual feels empowered to succeed and make a difference. 


Ethos & Values

We understand that tradition alone is not enough. While we take pride in our heritage, we recognise the need to keep pace with the modern, changing world. Our mission is to Transforming lives through a central education.

The education at Central Foundation Girls’ School transforms students' lives, opening vast opportunities. We expect our students to actively participate in their educational journey. 'Challenge' is a key aspect of life at Central. With strong support, our students are encouraged to push their boundaries, contribute meaningfully, and excel in their endeavours. We expect our students to be role models in all they do. Valuing and celebrating diversity is central to our school ethos, recognising the uniqueness of each student.

Our vision and ethos empower all our girls to be their best in every area of their lives. We aim for our students to understand world events, voice their opinions, and make a difference. To provide real experiences, we are enhancing the effectiveness of our school council and training students to research school life, informing management of their findings and concerns. Leadership opportunities are available across the curriculum, from Year 7 through to the Head Girl and Student Ambassadors in the Sixth Form. We expect our students to respect the environment and others, develop courtesy, care for others, and seize every opportunity to make the world a better place.