Central Foundaton Girls' School

Central Foundation Girls' School Sixth Form


At CFGS, Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) enables our students to develop the qualities and attributes they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society. Our curriculum is delivered in the context of three core themes: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world. Through this spiral curriculum, students acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to live healthy, safe, productive, capable, responsible and balanced lives now and in the future.

PSHEE contributes to the personal development of our students in building their self-esteem, resilience, confidence and identifying and managing risk, make informed choices and understanding what influences their decisions. It enables them to recognise, accept and shape their identities, to understand and accommodate difference and change, to manage emotions and to communicate constructively in a variety of settings. Students are also provided opportunities to develop critical thinking, to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes and explore the complex and sometimes conflicting range of values and attitudes they will encounter. 

PSHEE also enables our students to develop empathy, the ability to work as a team, to form and maintain good relationships the essential skills for future employability and to manage their lives. It encourages them to be enterprising and supports them in making effective transitions and career choices and achieving economic wellbeing.

Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)

The majority of RSE is delivered within the context of the PSHEE programme and this focuses on the emotional aspects of development and relationships. The spiral curriculum for RSE has been developed to include topics and issues appropriate to the age and maturity of the students, building on the learning from previous years. RSE is an important part of the curriculum offer, contributing to every student’s personal development to ensure each student grows up able to enjoy the positive benefits of responsible relationships as well as the skills required to be able to develop healthy and nurturing ones.

CFGS’ RSE curriculum meets the statutory requirements for all secondary schools through supporting student well-being and promoting the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of the student and to prepare them for life.

If you are a Parent/Carer and have any questions regarding the PSHEE curriculum and the resources used, please contact the school on welcome@central.towerhamlets.sch.uk

Enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities 

  • Theatre companies covering issues on relationships, risky behaviour, bullying
  • Outside providers covering topics such as emotional health and wellbeing and exam stress
  • Interactive presentations on road safety and peer pressure
  • Workshops on Healthy Relationships.
  • Outside providers covering topics such as drugs, alcohol and relationships.
  • Outside providers covering topics on FGM
  • Workshops on Finance
  • Workshops on First Aid

Subject Overview