Central Foundaton Girls' School

Central Foundation Girls' School Sixth Form

A Central Education

What is a Central Education?

 A Central Education is what sets us apart.

It is who we are, what we know and what we can do:


What are the Central Essentials?

The Central Essentials are qualities and characteristics that our students will be challenged to develop whilst at CFGS. These qualities will help students flourish as individuals and respond to the challenges they experience in life with strength and positivity.

 The following skill descriptors have been written from the perspective of our students:


  • We set high standards for ourselves and take the necessary steps to achieve these.
  • We inspire those around us and share our successes.
  • We know that effort is the path to mastery, and enjoy engaging in challenging work.
  • We are motivated and determined to succeed.



  • We are self-disciplined and take responsibility for our learning.
  • We build on what we know and use our initiative to solve problems.
  • We take steps to find additional support or guidance so that we can succeed.
  • We embark on new adventures, and seek opportunities that widen our horizons.



  • We are honest when speaking with people in our school community  (icon: person speaking)
  • We respect others’ opinions and ideas even if we disagree (icon: listening ear)
  • We are upstanders and report unethical behaviour (icon: megaphone speaking)
  • We address conflict respectfully and honestly (icon: shaking hands)



  • We have a positive, ‘can-do’ mind-set which helps us build on our strengths and address our weaknesses.
  • We feel confident taking risks and learning from our mistakes.
  • We never give up, and refuse to let any temporary failures prevent us from reaching our goals.
  • We think creatively and respond positively to challenges.



  • We are considerate at all times: to others, ourselves and the environment.
  • We value our learning: we listen carefully and take pride in our work.
  • We speak up for what is right, and we do as we are asked from all members of staff.
  • We are kind to all, regardless of differing beliefs, attitudes or lifestyles.


 What are the Central Skills?

The Central Skills help students develop effective learning habits whilst at CFGS. They enable students to become successful and empowered learners who can transfer these skills across all the subjects they study as well as the world of work.


The following skill descriptors have been written from the perspective of our students: