Central Foundaton Girls' School

Central Foundation Girls' School Sixth Form

Year 6 - 7 Transition  


Welcome to all of our new Year 7 students who will join us in September!  

CFGS is a very successful school and Sixth Form and we are delighted that you have made the decision to join our school community.  We expect our students to work hard and in return you will be provided with a fantastic and enjoyable education.    

These sections are dedicated to sharing important information about starting the school as a Year 7 student this September. Please read the information carefully.   

In addition, we invite parents and carers to visit the school by attending the Year 6 Parents' Evening on Wednesday 26th June 4:00-5:00pm and all students to the Transition Day on Friday July 5th 2024.  


Year 6 Transition Summer School 

 Welcome to our Year 6 Summer School, an integral part of the Year 6 transition at CFGS. From Monday, 29th July 2024 to Friday, 2nd August 2024 , 10am - 3pm, we're offer engaging lessons and activities in Maths, English, Science, and sports. Each day is designed to inspire, challenge, and give your daughter the best start at CFGS. 

Apply for Year 6 Summer School 


In secondary school, you will be taught by teachers who are subject specialists in their field.  This means that you will move classrooms between lessons and you will quickly learn your way around the school site. 

The school day lasts from 8:40am-3:10pm. You must be in school by 8:35am to make sure you arrive to your first lesson on time. The school day is divided into 6 x 50 minute lessons with a break in the morning, form time and a 50 minute lunchtime.  The timetable operates over two weeks and lessons are often doubles, which means that they last 100 minutes.  You will see your Form Tutor for 20 minutes every day. 


Year 7 students study the following subjects: 

  • English - eight lessons a fortnight 
  • Maths - eight lessons a fortnight 
  • Science – eight lessons a fortnight 
  • Art and Design – two lessons a fortnight 
  • Computer Science – two lessons a fortnight 
  • Design Technology - three lessons a fortnight 
  • Drama – three lessons a fortnight 
  • Geography – three lessons a fortnight 
  • History - three lessons a fortnight 
  • Languages (French or Spanish) - four lessons a fortnight 
  • Music – three lessons a fortnight 
  • PE – six lessons a fortnight 
  • PSHEE – one lesson a fortnight 
  • RE- two lessons a fortnight 
  • Social Studies – three lessons a fortnight 

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 Central Essentials and Central Skills

Through these core lessons and our extra-curricular programme we enable students to develop the qualities that are known as the Central Essentials and the Central Skills.   

The Central Essentials are qualities that will help you to flourish as an individual and to respond to the challenges you will experience in life with strength and positivity: 



The Central Skills will help you develop effective learning habits and enable you to become a successful and empowered learner who can transfer these skills across all the subjects you study:  


 CFGS Uniform

School uniform gives a sense of belonging and pride in the school whilst ensuring equity amongst students. A smart appearance contributes positively to students’ attitude to work and study, and also significantly influences how the school is portrayed to the general public and our community. 


CFGS also runs a preloved uniform scheme and click here to find out more details. More Information on CFGS Uniform  

Parents Handbook 

Please click here for the parent handbook.